Monday, 28 October 2013

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Cigarette Brands

Cigarette is a mini version of a cigar and a costly version of a Beedi derived from a french word. Cigarette is a cylinder shaped smoker which consists fine tobacco rolled inside a thin paper where its ignited at one end and smoke at the other end which consists of a filter. The Cigarette usually comes with processed tobacco leaf wrapped with white paper however occasionally we can also spot different colored cigarettes. 
Cigarette was used in 20th century believed to be invented in the same century and also the fastest growing product reaching almost all parts of the world. Cigarette however has some serious health effects like it causes cancer, heart attack and serious lung deceases. Cigarette can also effect innocent bystanders and also effect pregnant women, therefore I requests you not to smoke in public. 

Four Square 
Red & White 
North Pole 
India Kings
Wills Silk Cut
Wills Classic
Wills Mild
Wills Regular
Wills Ultra Mild
Wills Navy Cut
Wills Flake 
Classic Menthol
Classic Menthol Rush
Classic Citric
Classic Orange Twist
Classic Ice Burst
Navy Cut
Gold Flake Premium
Gold Flake King
Gold Flake Lights
Gold Flake Ultra Lights
Gold Flake Fliter
Gold Flake Artic Menthol
Benson & Hedges Light
Benson & Hedges Hard
Marlboro Light
Marlboro Hard


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