Monday, 28 October 2013

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Beedi Brands

A thin indian smoke filled with tobacco flake, wrapped in a tendu (Diospyros melanoxylon) or Bidi Leaf Tree (Bauhinia racemosa) tied with a thread. Beedi can also be spelt as Bidi and also has another name called Biri derived from the marwadi word Beeda. Beedi is mostly sold in india, south asia and middle east, it is also one of the cheapest smokes available in the world. Beedi is dangerous than normal cigarettes because beedi's are believed to have more nicotine, carbon dioxide and tar which can give you cancers, heart disease, and lung disease including mouth cancer.
Beedi believed to be first created in Gujarat in 17th century and from then the industry has seen a massive improvement. In united states however Beedi is taxed at the same rates as normal cigarettes which is growing at the rate of 2.9% every year. 
Check out some Beedi Brands Below

Ganesh Bidi
Special Telephone Bidi
Shivaji Bidi
Balmukund Stuff Bidi
30 Brand Bidi
Ajanta Bidi
Patel Bidi
Shikari Bidi
Kismat Beedi
Dinesh beedi
Malabar Ship Beedi
Black Swam
Sumo Bidi
8 A.M bidi
Enigma Bidi


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