Wednesday, 11 September 2013

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Wine Brands

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made usually from using fermented grapes, sometimes other fruits are also made into wines. The natural chemical balance of fruits lets them ferment without adding any kind of ingredients like sugar, acids or etc. However adding yeast to the fermented fruits will dissolve sugar and converts them into converts them into alcohol and carbon dioxide however the final product contains thousands of chemicals compounds. In india, the late 4th-century BC writings of Chanakya (Chief minister of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya) mentions of grape based juice or wines referred to as "Madhu". Look out for some Wine brands available in india.

Art collection shiraz red wineBaron philippe de rosthchild merlot vin de paysBaron philippe de rothschild cabernet sauvigon vin de paysBaron philippe de rothschild, reserve muton cadet medocBaron philippe de rothschild,sauternesChateau petit moulin aoc bordeaux - redDia white wineF.s. Barrique res. Cab. Sauv. Red wineF.s. Barrqiue res. Shiraz red wineFoue seasons classic merlot red wineFour seasons classic cab. Sauvignon red wineFour seasons clasic sauv.b. Whie wineFour seasons clasic shiraz red wineFour seasons classic blush rose wineFour seasons classic chenin blanc white wineFratelli cabernet franc shirazFratelli cabernet sauvignonFratelli chardonnayFratelli chnnin blancFratelli classic cheninFratelli classic shirazFratelli merlot wineFratelli sangioveseFratelli sauvignon blancFratelli setteFratelli shiraz roseGrover art collection chenin bl. WinGrover blanc de clairete white wineGrover cabernet shiraz red wineGrover la reserve red wineGrover sante chenin blan white wineGrover sante shiraz red wineGrover sauvignon blanc white wineGrover shiraz rose wineGrover viognier clairete white wineKandara dry cabernet sauvignon wineKandara dry chenin blanc wineKandara dry sauvignon blanc wineKandara dry shiraz wineLuca cabernet sauvignon red wineLuca exotic lychee wineLuca merlot vin rougu red wineLuca muscat vin blanc white wineLuca sauvignon blance white wineLuca sparkling white wineMadera sel.nashik valley white wineMadrea sel.nashik valley red wineMaison louis jadot bourgogne pinot noirMarchesi de'frescobaldi' danzante proseccoMitra 2000 port wineNine hill shiraz rose wineNine hills cabernet wineNine hills chenin blanc white wineNine hills sauvign.blanc white wineNine hills shiraz red winePort wine 1000 red wineSamara red wineSamara white wineSidus premum port wineSula blush zinfandel rose wineSula bru sparkling wine(1500 ml)Sula brut sparkling wineSula cabernet shiraz red wineSula chenin blanc white wineSula dindori reserv.shiraz red wineSula dindori viognier white wineSula late harvest chenin white wineSula ms ch sauvgnon white wineSula ms genache syrah red wineSula rasa shiraz red wineSula red zinfandel red wineSula reisling white wineSula rose brut sparkling wineSula satori merlot malbec red wineSula satori merlot red wineSula sauvignon blanc white wineSula seco methode classique wineVero red wineZinzi red wineZinzi white wineZoya assemblage clasique white wine


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