Wednesday, 28 August 2013

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Whisky Brands

Whisky or whiskey is a distilled alcoholic beverage made out of using fermented grains. Whisky is usually made in different varieties like barley, malted barley, rye, malted rye, wheat, and corn. Whisky usually comes in different classes which depends on its types like is it fermentation of grains, distillation or aging in wooden barrels. Indian whiskies are basically  blends based on neutral spirits which are distilled from fermented molasses. Over eighty percent of the whisky consumed by Indians are molasses-based. After Britishers imported Scotch whisky to India, It has picked up in the market and now said to be one of the most popular distilled alcoholic beverages in India. Check out some Whisky or Whiskey brands below,

2 Barrels21st Century24 Carat Whisky8 PM WhiskyAfter DarkAntiquityAristocrat WhiskyBachelorBagpiper WhiskyBest Choice WhiskyBlacpowerBlack Jack WhiskyBlack KnightBlack StallionBlenders PrideBlue BullBlue PatrolBoard's VerdictBrihans Premium WhiskyBonus FineCasino ClubCastle ClubCapricornCellar 117Chevalier WhiskyClassicColonel's SpecialDiamond WhiskyDiplomat DeluxeDirector's SpecialDivine SipDoctor's Choice No. 1 Deluxe WhiskyDouble DogDSP BlackDupleixEvening SpecialEveryday Gold Prestige WhiskyGold ClassGold Medal WhiskyGold RushGolden EagleGolden ChariotGolden Border WhiskyGrand DukeGS GeniusGypsy (whisky)|GypsyHavaldar WhiskyHaywards Fine WhiskyHero No.1 WhiskyHigh BirdsHottt SilkImperial BlueImperial FalconKonarak Malt WhiskyLegendMansion House WhiskyMaQintoshMalbrosMcDowell's DiplomatMcDowell's No.1McDowell's Green LabelMens Choice Fine WhiskyMilestone 100Million DollarMMBMougal MonarchMysore LancerNaina Premium WhiskyOfficer's Choice WhiskyOld Tavern WhiskyOriginal ChoicePeter ScotPioneer No. 1PresidentPresident's PridePrestigePure GoldRaffles WhiskyRed CaveliarRed KnightThe Rockford ReserveRowson's ReserveRoyal Arms (whisky)Royal ChallengeRoyal Circle WhiskyRoyal ChoiceRoyal GoldRoyal Gold Cup WhiskyRoyal Special WhiskyStagSenateSenate RoyaleSignatureSilver Jet WhiskySeven KnightsShot WhiskySolan No.1Stud WhiskySummer HallSunny Malted WhiskyTip Top WhiskyTop BrassWhite HouseWhytehallAmrutPaul JohnMcDowell's Single Malt

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