Monday, 13 May 2013

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Rum Brands

Rum is a distilled sugarcane byproduct made out of fermented molasses or direct sugarcane juice. Sugarcane fermented juice was believed to be first developed in ancient India or ancient china. However the first distillation of rum took place in 17th century in Caribbean sugarcane plantations. 

Bacardi gold rum
Bacardi black rum
Bacardi apple original apple rum 
Bacardi limon original citrus rum
Bacardi superior rum
Bacardi razz original raspberry rum
Bacardi superior carta-blanca rum 
Black cat matured rum
Black fort xxx matured rum 
Captain morgan spiced gold rum
Contessa matured xxx rum 
Crazy romeo deluxe rum
Havana club anejo blanco white rum 
Jolly roger premium xxx rum
Mcdowell no.1 celebration xxx rum 
Old monk gold reserve rum
Old monk matured xxx deluxe rum 
Old monk supreme xxx rum 
Old smuggler matured xxx rum
Raffles matured xxx rum 
Sikkim xxx prize rum 


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