Monday, 29 April 2013

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Gin Brands

Gin is an alcoholic drink which looks like water and has a predominant flavor from juniper berries also called as Juniperus communis. Gin was once upon a time used as herbal medicine but now it’s widely distributed as an alcoholic spirits. Gin comes in different flavors and it’s also widely used in cocktails. In 19th century British raj kingdom gin was mixed with water, sugar and lime which evolved to the mix of Gin, tonic water and Lime cordial which is popular in India today. See below to get information on different brands of gin available in India.

Blue berry duet gin n lime 

Blue moon gin n lime duet

Blue moon premit dute lime n gin

Blue moon premium dry gin  

Flip dute gin &lime 

Raffles gin & lime duet

Savoy club gin &fresh lime  

Bombay sapphire gin

Blue ribbon gin

Bacardi limon original citru


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