Thursday, 4 April 2013

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Brandy Brands

Brandy is a spirit produced by using distilled wine, It is derived from the dutch name brandewijn which means "burnt wine". Brandy contains 30 to 60% alcohol depending on its brands and variants. Some of the brandy's available are produced using fermented fruits other than grapes and in some countries you can also find flavored brandy. 
Brandy is most popularly served as Cocktails or on the rocks with ice. It best tastes when its warm at room temperature . 
In india, Bejois Brandy is a grape brandy is famous and its mostly found in southern india.

Check out some Brandy brands below, come on click on it to know more about these brandy.

McDowell's No.1

Mansion House Brandy

Honey Bee


Old Admiral

Richard Hennessy

Bouzouki Brandy


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